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The only interesting thing about this mysoginistic mess is the green patterned turtle-neck sweater the guy in the foreground is wearing. Harry is set to be married the morning after his Stag Party. As the night progresses the bachelor daydreams about previous sexual encounters that he had experienced throughout his life which results in multiple soft core coupling scenes. Listening to these actors struggle to say their lines is really annoying. Walter Camp does his best in the lead role but the most entertaining role goes to Bonnie Clark as go-go dancing hippie chick Summer Frenzy.

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The main guy Harry and his buddies are drinking scotch and watching women dance topless on stage, Harry has a flashback to the time he met a beautiful woman in that he somehow convinced to go with him back to his house boat, have a drink, and then have sex on his bed.

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The Ecstasies of Women Directed by Herschell Gordon Lewis Synopsis Harry is a man whose friends throw him night-long bachelor party on the eve of him getting married. The film is "talky" but in an entertaining way with the four guys getting progressively drunker and sillier. The Ecstasies of Women. That yacht is the best thing here, with its gigantic, prop department knick-knack decorated interior that's clearly a studio set and a dinghy that has its own name painted on it outside. If features Harry Walter Camp and his three mates on a stag-do the night before Harry's wedding. For shame on you Harry, for shame! Ecstasies of Women is not one of my favorites from Lewis, however it is much more enjoyable than the typical '60s sex romp.

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